lipstick queen-2020

lipstick queen-2020

lipstick queen-2020

we love doing our lips so much that
we’re ready to wear lipstick crown paint
our lips with a roller and draw a
cheeseburger on our mouths watch our new
video about a lip art challenge with
unusual lip balms and lipsticks hear
lipstick queen-2020
the queen of lipstick and glitter has
announced a battle for the most
interesting lip part look Christy sees
this announcement right away beauty is
her favorite subject and she’s ready to
participate Samantha sees the
announcement to leave the kitchen let’s
do our lips the girls come to the
contest and immediately see an unusual
crown made out of lipstick cover a
headband with small magnets glue
matching magnets onto the basis of
lipstick tubes attach the lipsticks to
the headband .

the girls take lipsticks
right off the crown and test out the
best colors how comfortable your
favorite lipstick is right on your head
the lipstick Queen gives them a task
invent an unusual gloss and lipstick the
battle has begun
let’s see who’s better at lip part
Christy presents her invention a bright
pink gloss it even shines under a UV
light remove the wiper from a tube of
clear lip gloss take out part of the
gloss with a pipette
and mix it with pink cosmetic coloring
that glows under an ultraviolet light
put the colored gloss back in using a
wooden stick mix it with the rest of the
gloss reinsert the wiper cover the cap
of the tube with sequins Christy applies
the pink gloss and intensifies the
effect with pink pigment you can’t take
your eyes off her lips and the design of
the packaging is just as radiant

Samantha’s not impressed she’s a real
lipstick sculptor and can make a
lipstick of any shape a just red
lipstick with a knife scrape a pattern
with a toothpick and remove a layer of
the lipstick to make a strawberry make
little notches over the entire surface
that look like seeds

Samantha shows off her creation oh no
not that one
here it is a strawberry lippy the
lipstick sculpture looks very original
who will win this round
the lipstick queen chooses the
strawberry that’s not surprising
everyone loves fruit Samantha gets one
point the next lip lifehack will be
demonstrated by the queen of the contest
herself watch closely
to start color your lips with a dark
colored matte lipstick what’s unusual
about this don’t rush to conclusions
Christy use a brush to apply cosmetic
glitter on top and your lips will shine
brightly and now a new task you need to
attach special tattoos to your lips your
time starts now apply a temporary tattoo
to your lip
coat it with warm water and remove the
paper base the result is a shimmery gold
pattern right on your lips
Samantha handle the task quickly but
Christie overdid it you can’t even see
the lips behind the tattoo the queen of
the battle gives the point to Samantha’s
accurate and quick work 2 to 0 to keep
Christie from getting too discouraged
from continuing to participate in the
battle the Queen decides to distract her
draw a delicious and juicy burger on
your lips cover the upper lip with
makeup the color of a burger bun make
dots out of white makeup to be sesame
seeds outline a wavy green strip of
lettuce with green makeup add a tomato
slice using red makeup
start a triangular piece of cheese on
the lower lip then paint the oval shape
of the patty accent the edge fill the
lower edge of the lip in with the bun
color and carefully apply black outlines
with a thin brush a yummy lip burger is
ready to go this lip art is for fans of
fast food Kristi can give someone a
delicious kiss but the queen of the lip
battle forgot about Samantha she wants
an unusual makeup – here’s an idea let’s
make a colorful palette on Samantha’s
lips paint the center of your lips brown
add lighter shades apply colorful
blotches make it look like paint on a
pallet trace the outline with a thin
black line make a bend on your upper lip
like on a pallet and add some small
brushes color the corners of your lips
with pink face paint all done
Samantha’s lips are every painter’s
dream a cute palette for an artsy smile
the girls are ready for the next round
of the battle next up a contest for the
most interesting lip palette and the
most unusual way to do your lips let’s
begin add cosmetic glitter to Vaseline
melt lip balm over a candle and pour it
into the mixture stir pour it into one
of the pallet cells
press it down add different glitters to
make different colors trim a small
sponge cut it to be the shape of a paint
roller put a wire inside bend it like a
roller handle make a handle out of light
clay put the mini roller in the box with
the lipgloss Samantha made a lipgloss
set with rollers instead of brushes what
a creative solution now you can paint
your lips just like a wall in whatever
color you want just run the roller over
whichever sparkly gloss you like and
Christy made a unique set with silicone
makeup stamps cut out small silicon
stamps glue them to magnets
also attached a small chess piece to a
small magnet that’ll be the stamp handle
color a lip palette with acrylic paint
add a cloud to the lid apply red acrylic
paint to a big stamp and make an imprint
on the lid put this stamps into the
palette using the small handle Christy
picks out a stamp dips it in lipstick
and makes a minimalist imprint on her
lips it’s that easy
her lips are done in seconds and they
look amazing the lip product judge
compares the two palettes they’re both
wonderful all right this round ends in a
tie the score is three to one the girls
beg the queen of the battle to come up
with one more round come on please okay
okay come up with an interesting and
beautiful way to care after your lip the
girls immediately run off to make lip
balm to keep herself entertained while
she waits the lipstick Queen makes a
fast and easy trooped room inspired
makeup look paint the petals of the
true-true logo on your lips using face
paint use a thin brush

this lip bar only took a minute
and here is a girl’s let’s see what lip
balms they made to match the Queen’s
makeup Christie made a trim trim AOS use
it all to carve the true-true logo on
the surface of an EOS melt lip balm in a
spoon add bright eyeshadow color the
logo using the mixture apply it with a
sharp skewer

the true-true iOS is so soft and takes
care of your lips it’s obvious which
YouTube channel Christy likes best and
Samantha made a delicate exquisite lip
balm out of highlighter decorated with a
golden pattern melt beeswax over a
double boiler add shea butter and almond
oil pour in light pink highlighter mix
it pour the bomb into an empty pallet
pore balm with gold highlighter into the
second half of the pallet tone the lid
with acrylic paint apply a logo with a
gel nail polish base dry it under a UV
lamp and cover it with gold leaf tear
off the excess gold leaf that didn’t
attach to the sticky nail polish apply a
topcoat to the gel polish pattern and
dry it under a special lamp
Samantha’s bomb sparkles and shines it
makes our lips look precious after
considering the bomb the Queen chooses
the trim trim cos did you like our ideas
for lipsticks and lip balms
then let us know in the comments about
what lip art you’ll try out and what
lipstick you’ll use and don’t forget to
like this video subscribe to our channel
and click on the belt so you don’t miss
new lip lifehacks from true true

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